A Quick Guide To Choosing Replacement Car Parts

If your car breaks down or is involved in a crash and requires repairs, you will need to replace some of the parts with new ones to fix it up. But when you take it to the dealership or local mechanic, how much do you actually know about the type of part that is being fitted?

There is a big difference between genuine and aftermarket car parts, but the average driver may have no idea exactly what they are buying or which they should choose. We thought we’d help you out a little bit if this sounds like you, so read on for our quick guide to choosing replacement parts for your car.

What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts?

OEM or genuine parts are those that are made by your vehicle’s official manufacturer and are made specifically to fit your particular make and model of car. They will fit and perform in the same way as the parts that your car rolled off the factory line with, and will have had to pass the same safety tests.

Aftermarket parts are simply any part that is made by another manufacturer, and these can range from cheaply made parts designed to be sold cheaply, or high-performance parts that have been specifically engineered to perform differently to the originals they replace.

Typically any proper modifications are made by car enthusiasts, but for the average driver, we are simply comparing like for like replacement parts.


We spoke to VW Motor Parts, who told us “when people try to cut corners by buying cheap replacement parts to save money, the one thing they rarely think about is whether or not they might be putting their lives in danger, as well as the lives of others.

For certain parts you really can’t afford to take shortcuts, for example, the police are constantly on the lookout for counterfeit airbags which are extremely dangerous as they would fail to deploy safely in a crash. Unless you are going to your official dealership, you may not be aware of whether your parts are genuine or not.”


When cheap parts are manufactured using inferior materials, although they will initially cost you less money, they are more likely to break and need replacing more often, which could end up costing you more in the long run than simply using the official part in the first place.

Aftermarket parts are also often designed to fit several different makes and models of car, and so may not work in quite the same way as the original part. This could end up causing further problems down the line.

Value for money

Whether genuine or aftermarket parts are better value for money will depend on your circumstances and the age of your car, but in most cases if your car is new then you ought to maintain it with genuine parts, as not only will these perform better, but they will help to retain the value of your vehicle.

In some cases where your car is extremely old and you are not too sure how much longer it will last you, seek the advice of a reputable car mechanic to see whether you would be better off maintaining it in the short term with good quality aftermarket parts until you are ready to upgrade your vehicle itself.

What Is The Right Size Of Rim And Tire For Your Car?

Wheel, as simple as they sound, are used to help us drive on the road. But today they have become more of a status symbol and pride for most of us. Not only a bigger tire and shiny rim look better on your car, it can also enhance your car’s performance with the right size and specs. You don’t have to be a fan of a Hollywood movie to be attracted to the super-hot wheelbase. A car manufacturer will always spare a bigger tire and a shinier rim for fully loaded variants of their model. They also tend to charge you more for it.

If you want to change your rim and tire size for the sake of better looks and enhanced car performance, you need to keep a few details in check. As simple as it sounds, a wheel is around loop made of alloy; more commonly known as rim. But it is not that simple as it seems. Wheel determines the handling, control, comfort, and safety of your car and you.

When buying a wheel, it is important to get it from a reputable wheel dealer. It can sometimes be a horrifying experience to get aftermarket alloy rims as the difference in make or model can influence your selection and rim choice. Sometimes, you can be spoiled for choice, but try to be mature for once and don’t be tempted by it. Always put the wellbeing of yourself and your car first, and avoid any alterations just to get a certain wheel. Also, keep in mind, a cheap wheel can do more harm than good to your tire. They might even look similar to the branded rim and tire but they are not quality tested and can also be old and used. Also, try to stay away from replica wheels.

When it comes to selecting a wheel and tire, the best choice will be to avoid any hassle of self-inspecting each wheel. Instead, save your time and buy from a licensed dealer for a proper, guaranteed and standard ratified brand.

If you want best and quality tires or rims then book your flights to Bangkok, the city manufactures high quality tires and as an wholesaler you can get good rates.

Many people are unaware of the fact that changing the tire size can adversely affect your car’s characteristics. If they are changed by an amateur, they can disturb the speedometer and odometer readings. Imagine breaking speed limits unintentionally and arguing with the traffic officer.

One of the biggest reason people opt for bigger tires and rim is to make their cars sportier and to enhance grip. But instead, they are doing the complete opposite with their cars. Making a car higher with bigger tires and rims can make the center of gravity to rise up. For a car to have maximum grip will require it to be as low to the ground as possible. The more grip a car has, the faster it can go. Thus, people are wrong to assume that height plays an important role in making cars faster. Though, cars can acquire a little bit more grip with the extra thickness of tires.

At the end of the day, we can only suggest you and give our advice as to what is the right size of rim and tire for your car. It is up to you to select one for yourself. But always keep in mind that safety should be the main concern for everyone.

Considering little Thing in Buying Right Wheel

Upgrading a vehicle can be very fun because you can freely pour creative ideas on the car. One of the first things most people will change about their vehicles is the wheels, the tires and the rims. This small change can instantly lift your vehicle and give you an entirely new look. With so many types of vehicles out there and different types of wheels, how do you know which one best suits your car. The most important thing is that you know the length of the wheel. The size of the wheel can be very varied, so one wheel is not same as the size of other vehicles._wheelsimulators

This type of vehicle in the world is very much. Make sure you know what kind of vehicle you have, Is it a wrangler, exotic car, hatchback, sedan, pick up truck, van, roadster, mini bus, even heavy vehicles? All of these vehicles have different wheel sizes. It’s important to know what kind of car you have and the overall style. It was very embarrassing to install large wheels on the roadster using the size of pick up truck. Generally, the type of wheel cover used on large vehicles is Wheel Simulators.

Pay attention to the little things on the wheel. Make sure some of the bolts are in perfect condition, not cracked or worn. Being meticulous may be better, Check how many mounting holes or bolts you need to fit the wheel into the car. If your car requires four bolts, then buying a wheel with five bolts will not work. Check the diameter of a circle with a particular tool; if you are unsure of your measurement result it is better to take your car to the nearest garage. Make sure all the little things that fit with the condition of your car.LowerBoxWheelSimulators

Automotive magazines may be a source of inspiration for upgrading your wheels. Then you can see the various styles of magazines. In addition, the internet also becomes an unlimited reference material. You can find various references as your wheel upgrades. You can also find different models of wheels, rims, tires, and other accessories only at #WheelSimulators. Upgrading which is not imposing. If you force certain modifications on the wheel part may interfere with its main function, even can damage the car.

After considering all factors carefully, it’s time to buy the right type, size, and style of the wheels for your car. Buy accessories as needed; do not be easily affected with the parts offered. The accessories you buy should be able to lift the look and value of your car. I strongly advise, not to eliminate the standard function of your vehicle. Keep back the standard wheel, original rims, original tires, etc., so that they can be re-installed when you want to sell the car.

Effective Way on Selling a Used Car

Most people are willing to sell their used cars to get cash and buy them another new item. Technology is increasingly advanced and developing, evens the technology on many vehicles that use environmentally friendly technology today. Technology on the vehicle also provides car maintenance relief. When compared to used cars, requires extra expensive maintenance, which is why many vehicle owners sell cars to get new cars. But the problem is! Selling used cars is very complicated. It’s pretty hard to make a used car like new again. Before you sell used car, you should have Hugh’s Report. What is Hugh’s Report? Hugh’s Report is a service that sells car report in detail, and comprehensive. This service is needed to increase the comfort of buyers and sellers of used cars before they make a deal.

In some cases, people sell cars directly to dealers or trade through dealers without getting the actual value for the cars. When the owner of the old car decides to sell it on his own, chances are that he will get more profit than if he engaged a dealer.

If you want to sell used cars without the help of an agent or other intermediary, the following tips may help you:

Make a Competitive Price

Profits directly related to price and sales amount. To increase the amount of sales then the price should be competitive. Then how to determine the competitive price ?, to determine it must have Hugh’s car reports. Hugh’s car reports can ensure the price of used cars you make is definitely competitive. You do not have to show used cars to various dealers, just with Hugh’s car reports will get a full report. Not only useful for sellers, for used car buyers is also very useful.

Advertise Effectively

After the price is set at that time also used car ready to sell. Next is to make everyone understand what you are selling. Do sales effectively use various online media or manual. Advertisements in newspapers, magazines, TV, Radio, posters, E-commerce, social media, Blogs to auctions. Wherever you advertise a used car, make sure your offer package is detailed, attractive and valid. Attractive bidding packages can tempt consumers to buy. If you want a quality used car sold quickly, lowering a little of price from the market price may be an alternative.

Nice Present Your Car
You should bring some small appliances for repair and cleanliness of used cars. Physical appearance is the first impression of the car you have. Before the buyer gives a variety of questions the first step is to see the physical look. Remember that, first impressions are at first glance.

Negotiate same with a Professional
Acting like a professional is actually not difficult; when the buyer is interested in the physical appearance of your used car they will ask questions. But the main mission of the buyer is to know the price. Deal with calm, patient and happy, convince buyers to make deal with you, Canadian car report is one of your belief solutions when selling and buying used cars, the data reports provided are always accurate and comprehensive. Remember that a professional always able to know the consumer’s thoughts.



Buying a New or Used Car Tips

How to Buy a Car

No one is as young as turning your palms if you want something. The same thing when you want a new or used car, you have to go through several processes, maybe for those of you who first bought a car will be a tiring experience. Actually you are the main target for dealers who want to sell their cars. Would be a danger if you did not prepare an accurate report on a new car or used car market. Especially used cars that have a higher risk of damage. There are still many used cars that are very worthy of use, lest you tempted to cheap price but the quality is not maintained. Arm yourself with Hugh’s Report as a baseline in order to determine the condition of a used car that will be bought. There are some tips worth knowing before buying a new car or used car:

Sell Your Used Car Separately

if you want to do the smartest step at the beginning of your used car sales process, then sell your used car independently. Essentially you sell used cars not through dealers. Although used car dealers will buy all types of your car but at a cheaper price because your car will be sold again to consumers in need. You can earn thousands of dollars if you do it yourself. The other important thing is to have Hugh’s car reports full report about the used car you sell, such as the appropriate price, car condition, letter of vehicle, history of damage and the reason the car is sold. This needs to be done to answer all buyer concerns.

Take Your Time Buying the Car

If you’ve done some surveys and maximum effort and you’ve found the right used car, then it’s time to focus on the buying process. The important thing that needs to be in your mind is, independent sellers and dealers are very expert and skillful in suppressing consumers, since most car purchase deals are due to emotional factors rather than logic. Buyers are often tempted with cheap prices. Give a little breath of the brain to think clearly before taking a decision due to aggressive seller attacks. Be patient, use common sense in making decisions.

How do dealerships make so much money? That’s simple: dealers do a fantastic job of loading things on the end of your deal or tacking on unnecessary warranties and other gimmicks just to squeeze more cash out of you. Used car sellers may take similar tactics by changing the price at the last minute or noting additional details not originally mentioned.

Pick the Right Car

A good used car is a used car that suits your needs and long term conditions. You better be realistic about the car you want, remember your financial condition, stay focused on the initial goal, do not be easily tempted by an offer that prioritizes low prices. If you are newly weds and have no children then sedan car is suitable, but if you have big family then SUV very suitable, Canadian car report provides guidance on buying quality used cars that suit your family’s needs or personal needs..

Sell My Used Car

When you feel bored with the car you already have, there are many options that arise in the mind, you can modify it or sell it. If you prefer to sell your car then you should think about the following; How to restore the damaged car condition? And how to market it ?. Today many methods used by car owners in selling used cars. You can specify your car’s specifications in newspaper or magazine ads, make a poster and paste it in front of neighbor’s store and fence and online ad line. Or offer your used car to Hugh’s Report by online to get nice input, In addition to selling used cars you can also get a used car report that is comprehensive and guaranteed quality.

A lot of people who want to have a quality used car out there, with this condition you should have no trouble selling used cars. The most important thing to do is to conduct a small study of online car trading exchanges and official used car reports online like Hugh’s car reports. This will allow you to get a chance to understand the condition of the car with detail at a certain price so that the car you sell or buy has the best quality. Quality reports are crucial to raising benefits fairly.

The first thing I think about when I want to sell a used car is, if I become a buyer what should I pay to get a quality used car ?. Everything I return to myself. Not only sellers who want to benefit buyers also do not want to lose. If you more understand the buyer then you will be getting ready to sell your used car quickly. The price you offer must be in accordance with the condition of your car, better condition of your car then you are entitled to sell it at a high price, but not to exceed the price of a new car.

The more you are ready with the condition of the car and the estimated price of your used car then you will be getting ready to handle the transaction. A smart buyer usually already knows the market price of the car in want therefore you must understand it. You should know the price report of the type of used car you want to sell report in the Canadian car report. If you already understand what the buyer is thinking then the buyer will not make an offer to your used car.

In addition you must have good communication skills with buyers. Remember that the buyer is like a king, so it must be served well. Even if you sell used cars at a slightly higher price but if you can provide good communication service with warranty maybe buyer will not refuse with the price you offer.

Happy to sell your used car, do not forget to always update the used car price in the official online market to get a valid and reliable price report. If you find it difficult to determine the price of the sale or purchase of used cars please visit Hugh’s car reports, there you will be given information about Vehicle purchase history, Vehicle accident report, Vehicle recall status and Vehicle purchase price estimates.


Buy and Sell Your Used Car

The most advisable way when you intend to sell or buy your used car is through a trusted used car dealership or through Hugh’s car reports before selling a used car. Used car dealers will sell and buy your used car. Maybe for many people this way is the fastest if you need funds quickly and not bother. Used car dealers will resell your used car at a higher price. But if you are a busy person and do not have free time to see used cars at the dealer, there is a good way that is with Hugh’s Report, you will get various information about buying and selling used cars like Vehicle purchase history, Vehicle accident report, Vehicle recall status, Vehicle purchase price estimates. All that information you need to make an important decision to buy and sell your used car.

If you sell and buy at used car dealership you will get the funds quickly, but there are drawbacks that you have to surround dealers looking for cars and prices in accordance with the wishes and financial conditions. You should be careful when negotiating with the dealer, first look at the condition of the car you want to buy smartly, everything must be presented in writing.

The advantage that you sell and buy used cars online advice through Hugh’s car reports is a factor of security and efficiency. Online dealers will buy all your used car types and will offer your quality used cars. Therefore you should have the report data as a handle before you sell used cars.

Another alternative is to sell your own used car. You do not need an intermediary so you get the maximum profit. With increasingly advanced market conditions may be the most preferred way for used car buyers and sellers. Whatever your marketing strategies and methods are endless, you can use the internet to search for detailed information, you can also market your car while enjoying a cup of coffee with your friends at the cafe. Now looking for a variety of information is very easy, you just need gadgets and internet network after that you can surf in cyberspace to get buyers or sellers of used cars. You can get reliable reports on the Canadian car report for all types of cars, car conditions, car history, up to an affordable price.

The most important thing before you market your used car is to repair all your car damage. So your car is worth competing in the market of buying and selling used cars. Clean your car on the outside and inside so that potential buyers feel confident with the decision because the seller has cared for the car well. If you have a social media account, you can market it through facebook, twitter, or your blog. Examine all your vehicle documents so that the transaction will run smoothly.

In addition to online you can also take advantage of offline media such as automotive magazines, newspapers, ads running on TV, radio advertising, word of mouth marketing and many others. The most important thing in buying and selling used vehicles is the detail report of car condition must be valid, according to what you offer. If you as a seller take good care of your car, but if you as a buyer look for car report you want from a very reliable source both online and offline.